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We recently moved and needed to switch daycares. Our 19 month-old liked her old daycare and we had a lot of anxiety about switching her to a different one. It's very nerve-wracking to leave your pride and joy with someone else for 8-10 hours a day. Well after the first day, we noticed our daughter was even happier then she was at her old daycare. She loves this place! She kicks her feet in excitement when we pull up each morning and runs in! The only problem is when we pick her up; she doesn’t want to leave! She instead, wants to show us around and show us all the projects, paintings and drawings she did that day! We love this place! This is actual preschool that we wanted!

Kimberly W

Updating my post almost 2 years ago and the main difference is at the time we were only one month vs. 2 years at Flamingo. We feel absolutely thankful to have chosen this pre-school for my soon to be kinder garden student. She excelled socially, emotionally, intellectually, etc but most importantly she was happy, and in turn so did we.
Highly recommend Flamingo Island as experienced that nothing is more valuable to a parent than to know their kids are in safe and loving hands for any period of time.

We are moving into a new stage in our lives and have nothing more than to say Thank You to each teacher, administrative and other staff who did a great job taking care of my most loved person and wish you continued success.

Castanon and Singh Family

Thank you Flamingo for making our experience so wonderful. My daughter attended Flamingo for 11 months. from 14 months to 2 years and it was such a good experience!

I'll list some of the things that I found important:

  1. Key pad on the front door for secure entrance - 7am to 6pm.
  2. Admin desk in the front where someone was 99% of the time there to say Good Morning and Good Night! - Such a welcoming group of teachers!
  3. Smaller class/teacher ratio: 1/7 I believe and all the teachers knew me and my daughter by name! And she loved every single one of them!
  4. Clean, fun, slightly structured environment where the focus was on exploring, playing, learning and friends.
  5. Great outdoor play area with plenty of things to do and supervisors!
  6. Safety! - a) every child washes their hands as soon as they enter the classroom! Love this! - My daughter even does this at home- its a great habit! Teachers where gloves for anything food or health related! No smells, its all cleaned regularly and each child learns how to clean up after themselves and use the trash can!
    b) sunscreen and bug spray used regularly - send your own for them to use!
  7. Communication - daily follow up with day trackers, teachers ask questions and make sure they know whats going on every morning with attitudes, food, needs, etc. We talked about which words we used so that we were all on the same page and they let me know what we needed to work on at home!
  8. Activities: my daughter loved outdoor play, music time, painting and getting to visit other classrooms if the situation was right. They had a visit from a firetruck, a petting zoo stopped by and sometimes in the summer they got to have water days.
  9. You provide lunch, they provide breakfast and two snacks. We forgot her lunch one day and they ran out and got something for her for a small charge.
  10. She took her own water bottle, nap map/blankie and sometimes took in a toy for show n tell if it made her feel good to take something in once in a while.
  11. Nap times were everyday at the same time but sometimes she wouldn't sleep. They wouldn't force her to stay on her nap mat if they knew she wasn't go to sleep. She would get one-on-one time with a teacher or administrator while the other kids slept. I love this part - they really made her feel special. Most days she would nap without any issues.
  12. Make sure you follow the calendar for days off: they schedule at least two admin days a year and you will need to find alternate care.
  13. The classrooms are well maintained and my daughter was transitioned from the "under 2" class into the "2's" and up room with Ms. Monica. The transition went very well and I'm so grateful that they worked so hard to ensure the smooth transition.
  14. Potty Training! All teachers in her classroom made such an effort to help us with potty training and I couldn't have done it without them!!!
  15. The Staff - we have some favorites come and go but Ms Tamiko, Ms Monica, Ms Amber, Ms Siobhan, Ms Ashley and Ms Kayla are all exceptional. My daughter loved them and would run into their arms every day. It was a great feeling knowing that she felt so comfortable with them. Every morning she would run to great Ms. Susan! And Ms K, the director is a registered nurse so I knew that everything would be managed with care. I can't say enough about them all.

Thank you Flamingo, with our move out of town, we miss you every day!

Amy A

My son has blossomed at this school. The staff is excellent and they create a nurturing atmosphere. No complaints, only positive things to say.

Siobhan G